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If a road were perfectly flat, suspensions wouldn't be necessary. But roads are far from flat. Even freshly paved highways have bumps and divots that can interact with the wheels of a car, jogging it up and down.

Without a suspension, those bumps would go right to the frame of the car. The wheels would lose contact with the road, then slam back into the road surface—giving you the comfort-free (and hard to steer) ride of a toy wagon. But with a suspension, the body of the car moves forward smoothly while the wheels follow bumps in the road.

Auto suspension has 3 important jobs:

  • Keeping tires on the road surface. Engineers call this “road holding”. It’s important for the tires to stay in contact at all times, because friction between the tires and the ground is what lets the car accelerate, stop and corner. The suspension keeps the weight centered to maintain the grip.
  • Stable steering and handling. The suspension keeps the car or truck body from tipping or rolling in a corner.
  • Passenger comfort. Keeping the cabin isolated from the bumps on the road, suspensions absorb that up-and-down energy and disperse it without too many bobbles.

The entire suspension has many parts, including the springs, shocks and/or struts, and their connections to the steering and the chassis. The whole thing has to balance the different jobs of steering and comfort for a given car or truck. A luxury car, like a Lincoln, has a suspension designed for a very soft and cushy ride. So it compromises with less stability in the steering and more body roll. A sporty car will stick to the curve better, but you’ll feel bumps in the road more.

The parts of the suspension take a lot of abuse over time—that’s their job. So they do wear out eventually. If you have questions about your suspension, bring it into Wallace Autos!


Wallace Autos will evaluate your vehicle's shocks and help you pick from a wide range of shocks that fit your vehicle and your needs. Service includes inspection and evaluation of shocks, and installation of replacements as necessary.


Struts stabilize your vehicle and keep it from swaying, bouncing and bottoming out. Service includes inspection and evaluation of struts, plus installation of replacements as necessary.

Tie Rods

Faulty tie rods can result in erratic steering, wandering and significant tire wear. Wallace Autos can help you identify and correct any problems. Service includes diagnosis, repair or replacement as necessary.

Steering and Suspension Evaluation

If you're having handling problems or notice unusual movements over bumps or turns, or if you simply need a routine evaluation, the trained experts at Wallace Autos are here to help. Service includes inspection and replacement as necessary.

Think you have steering or suspension problems? Beside pulling and bouncing, telltale signs include uneven or excessive tire wear and poor steering control. If you notice any of these symptoms, or if you have questions about steering or alignment, stop by Wallace Autos. You can count on our skilled mechanics to help make your ride as safe as it is smooth.

Wallace Autos is happy to send you timely service reminders to remind you that it is time for your vehicle’s recommended maintenance.

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