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Tires are one of the most important items on your car and need to be replaced a number of times during the lifetime of your vehicle. They all might look similar in the store, but tires perform quite differently in tests.

We offer many different tire types, including all season & snow tires.

Wallace Autos has the right tire & the right price! All major brands, competitive prices!

* BFGoodrich * Bridgestone * Continental * Dunlop * Firestone * Fuzion * General Tire * Goodyear * Hankook * Hoosier * Kumho * Michelin * Pirelli * Sumitomo * Uniroyal * Yokohama * Many Others *

Tire Rotations

Tire rotation or rotating tires is the practice of moving automobile wheels and tires from one position on the car, to another, to ensure even tire wear. Tire wear is uneven for any number of reasons. Even tire wear is desirable to maintain consistent performance in the vehicle and to extend the overall life of a set of tires. Regular tire rotation is required for maintaining safe tire pressure and tire treads depth.

By design, the weight on the front and rear axles differs which causes uneven wear. With the majority of cars being front-engine cars, the front axle typically bears more of the weight. For rear wheel drive vehicles, the weight distribution between front and back approaches 50:50. Front wheel drive vehicles also have the differential in front, adding to the weight, with a typical weight distribution of no better than 60:40. This means, all else being equal, the front tires wear out at almost twice the rate of the rear wheels, especially when factoring the additional stress that braking puts on the front tires. Thus, tire rotation needs to occur more frequently for front-wheel drive vehicles.

Turning the vehicle will also cause uneven tire wear. Generally, right turns are tighter than left turns, also causing more tire wear. Conversely the sidewalls on the right tire tends to be bumped and rubbed against the curb while parking the vehicle, causing asymmetric sidewall wear. In addition, mechanical problems in the vehicle may cause uneven tire wear.

Tire rotation can be beneficial in several ways. When done at the recommended times it can preserve balanced handling and traction of the tires. It can even out tire wear and can provide performance advantages. We recommend that high performance tires be rotated every 3,000-4,000 miles, whether or not they show signs of wear.

Wallace Autos is happy to send you timely service reminders to remind you that it is time for your vehicle’s recommended maintenance.

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